I’m Andreas

One of the best known psychic mediums and psychotherapists in Germany

I improve your life and mindfulness in a 5-minute-mail every day – and guide you to more mental clarity and self-developement

Effectiveness is the key

In the last 10 years, I had over 10,000 spiritual and psychological life counselings. Seeing people suffering many years has provoked me to look into what can be done differently. My breakthrough was in developing a unique system for your personal development, which takes 5-Minutes a day.

Simplicity is the solution

For $9 a month, I am offering you this system. Interested to dive into a different realm of altering yourself? You can cancel any time if it does not work for you. But I am confident with a money-back-guarantee, if you give yourself the chance, something positive and impactful will happen for you.

I guide you being your own coach

You want to develope yourself but you struggle how?

A normal therapy or life coach takes 50 to 200 hours to change habits or alter a trauma. But I know your mind is even overchallenged with your everyday life. So my key to your daily success and  progress is to integrate little steps of mindfulness to empower your mind and your daily routine 

No long videos, no long coaching lessons

1 thought-provoking advice per day - read or listen in 3 minutes

Reflect throughout the day, change 1 habit every day

Put your experience into 1 sentence before going to bed in 2 minutes

My “Daily Mind-Opening” exercise will help reflect on your thoughts and actions, and teach you to live more mindfully. You are becoming your coach and force your own personal development. Every day.

About me

I am 43 year old quite normal guy, husband and father of three childs. After a heart stroke at 29, that left me clinically dead for several minutes, I realized what my talent and gift from the universe to me were: I can see the simplicity behind complicated human thought processes and social correlations. I can give answers to questions you would never ask, but which are crucial for your further development. In Germany, I counsel hundreds of people seeking help every year, and I am present on the radio, in newspapers, and well searched on the Internet. But I am attracted by the challenge of helping people to deal with mental and spiritual problems. I see this strength in the USA because here the essential understanding to work spiritually and mentally on problems is considerably greater than in intellectual and scientific Germany.

How It Works

Get my Daily Mind-Opening

Every day I will send you a thought-provoking advice via email, text, audio—whatever you prefer. Read or listen it in only 3 minutes. It will surely change every day how you are going through the day.


Reflect my Daily Mind-Opening

Reflect on my message and observe your emotions and your behavior – and that of those around you. Become a mindful observer of yourself and your reactions to the surrounding world.

Reach Your Goals

 The important thing, the bottom line, is how you phrase it. How you write this sentence of yours in your own “Book of mental clarity through simplicity”. And that´s  my different realm of altering yourself.

Free Today: Book of metal clarity through simplicity

You will learn in an impressively simple, clear, and short way how you can train your brain (which is overstrained by everyday life) to make thoughts tangible again. How you can clear the mental fog in your head and make simple decisions. How to simplify your thought processes so that you can solve any complex problem in 10 minutes. And you will learn how to implement and work on my “Daily Mind-Opening” in 5 minutes every day. All this in just 10 concentrated pages. Because simplicity is the key.

Free Gift
Only today

1 month with a “Daily Mind-Opening”

Receive a thought-provoking advice via email or  audio every day for 1 month. Cancel anytime with a 30 day money-back-guarantee. You can test it 5 days for free.